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Who Are We?

Just a Mom and a Kid

Are you like us? Do you feel as though travel is not a break from “normal life,” but in fact when you feel most yourself? Are you happiest when you step out of your comfort zone and into totally new surroundings? If so, I’m thrilled that you’ve discovered Mom_Kid_World.

Mom is Kathleen (Kat) Shepherd, an autistic single mom who has been traveling since shortly after birth. She has graduated two neurodiverse un/worldschoolers into successful, independent adults and is still traveling with the youngest. Kid is wildly social and enthusiastic to share with our friends, family, and anyone who's interested that every corner of the world has delicious food, friendly kids to play with, and exciting features like breathtaking views, ancient architecture, and incredible street art.

Follow us on social media as we explore the diverse wonders of our world. If you feel inspired to do the same, join us at one of our international worldschool hubs. We host ONLY 4 small LGBTQIA+ and neurospicy friendly hubs per year, in different locations around the world! 

Open Road
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